(Delapan Bagian dari Tata Bahasa)

1. Noun (Kata Benda)

a) Proper : Ali, Bandung

b) Common : book, pen

c) Material : fish, gold, water

d) Collective : army, team

e) Abstract : beauty, walk

2. Pronoun (Kata Ganti)

a) Reflexive : my self, your self, her self, him self, its self, our selves, them selves.

b) Indefinite : it, one, those who

c) Reciprocal : each other, one another

d) Interrogative : who, whom, what, which, whose

e) Personal : I, you, we, they, she, he, it

f) Possessive : mine, yours ours, theirs, hers, his

g) Demonstrative : this, that, these, those, such, the other, yonder, some, one, ones, former, latter

h) Relative : who, whom, whose, that, what

3. Adjective (Kata Sifat)

a) Quality : clever, fat, beautiful, strong

b) Quantity : some, much, enough, whole, little, no, any, all, half, sufficient

c) Numeral :

· Definite numeral :

Cardinal number : one, two, three, etc…

Ordinal number : first, second, etc…

Multiplicative : a pair, double, ten fold, dozen, gross, etc…

· Indefinite numeral :

some, any, many, no, a few, few, several, various

d) Possessive : my, your, her, his, its, our, your, their

e) Distributive : each, every, either, neither

f) Demonstrative : the, this, these, that, those, such, a another

g) Interrogative : which, what, whose

h) Proper Adjective : Indonesia, American, Turkis, English, Dutch

4. Verb (Kata Kerja)

Auxiliary verb : to be, to do, to have, modals

Transitive verb : want, eat

Intransitive verb : sleep, go

Regular verb : watch, open

Irregular verb : sing, run

5. Adverb (Kata Keterangan)

a) Manner : bravely

b) Quality : hard, fast

c) Quantity : a little, nearly, rather

d) Time : now

e) Place : here

f) Frequency : always

g) Sentence : certainly

h) Degree : too, very

i) Interrogative : when, where, why, how

6. Preposition (Kata Depan) : to, at, in, on, of, up, by, for, off, from, with, past, into, under, behind, near, till, until, after, before, between, among, beside, besides, through, without, towards, over, above, below, along

7. Conjunction (Kata Sambung) : and, both, also, as well as, no less…than, not only….but only…but also, either…or, neither….nor, else, otherwise, but, still, yet, nevertheless, however, whereas, while, only, therefore, so, so then, for, then

Interjection (Kata Seru) : hurra !, ah !, hello !


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